Careers Page Design

Your careers page is a major component of your strategy to attract top talent. Top talent is very discerning; they are searching for more than job postings, they are looking for the right company to join. They have come to expect that you will share your culture in an authentic way, in addition to posting the available positions, benefits, perks and other standard information. Many companies have done a great job cultivating a workplace that people love but suffer from having a weak careers page that doesn’t reflect that culture.

Case Study: Refreshing DCU's Careers Page

Stories Inc. creates pages that are inclusive of meaningful content that will connect your company with the right talent. We produced this video for The Motley Fool to illustrate their culture of trust. A video like this one is a powerful component of any career page.

What Makes for a Successful Careers Page?

At Stories Inc., we design and develop engaging careers pages that give candidates a clear look into what it means to work at your organization. Your new careers site will be:


Your careers site is one of the first places a candidate looks — is their first impression of your company a boring one? At Stories Inc, we create an engaging experience by focusing on stories. Why? Human brains are wired to activate much more when consuming stories than other types of information.


Using stories on your careers page helps to establish authenticity. It’s very common to hear someone describe their company culture as being like a family, but without proof, the candidate has no reason to believe it’s true. We uncover stories that bring that evidence to the candidate.


In other careers pages out there, you’ll see a focus on ping pong tables and free snacks, but your culture goes much deeper than that. We tie the stories we uncover for your new careers page to the more substantive aspects of your culture: your core values, mission, and vision.

How do you create a careers page?

Now that you have an idea of what type of content should be included on a successful careers page, here’s a few ideas of some story-based content for a successful careers page:

Get started telling your story.