Stories Incorporated is a leader in the growing recruitment marketing industry. Based in Washington, DC, we help really great companies communicate and celebrate their culture by creating media inspired by true employee stories. Our content is used for recruitment marketing by some of the most innovative and respected employer brands in the world. The organizations we work with have won numerous awards that demonstrate their commitment to their culture and employees — these include: Glassdoor Employee Choice Best Places to Work, Crain’s #1 Best Place to Work in NYC and several of Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work.

Our clients serve as our role models, and we follow in their footsteps by cultivating our own great place to work. Help us do that by joining our small and mighty team. 

Meet our Team

Position Description

Our Inbound Marketing Strategist is responsible for developing marketing channels using paid search, social media and organic content marketing techniques including SEO. The goal of this role is to drive Stories Inc market awareness and new customer acquisition. The Inbound Content Strategist will create and measure marketing campaigns that ultimately maximize spend, increase awareness and build customer interest. This is a highly collaborative position, where you will work with our team to create engaging content regularly. You’ll also learn about employer branding and recruitment marketing, a field growing rapidly and at the intersection of marketing and recruiting/human resources. The successful candidate is expected to contribute to creative marketing and business development strategies and also take ownership (measurement) of the success of their marketing campaigns.

You will:

  • Constantly test and measure marketing campaigns to find what works to best drive market awareness and customer leads
  • Ensure inbound marketing content strategies map appropriately to the stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Keep leadership informed about developments in content marketing best practices that affect how we sell and deliver services
  • Become an expert in the growing field of recruitment marketing
  • Make an immediate impact at our small business

The successful candidate is:

  • Experienced in pay-per-click digital advertising for multiple platforms, specifically: 1. Campaign setup, day-to-day maintenance 2. Campaign tracking and reporting 3. Ad copy development, testing, optimization and management 4. Keyword research and competitive intelligence
  • A voracious learner, who is always up to date on the latest digital advertising developments and opinionated about best practices
  • Entrepreneurial, thrives on ownership and sees managing inbound marketing as an exciting step in their career
  • Certified in AdWords and Google Analytics.  
  • Analytical and creative, and can speak in examples and stories
  • Committed to bringing their energy, creativity and positivity to work everyday to build something special
  • Passionate about something (and can prove it)

If this sounds like you, please send your resume to lauryn (at) storiesincorporated (dot) com.