Culture videos are a great way to give top talent a window into what it’s like to work at your organization. But most culture videos out there don’t have much substance—they rely on platitudes and marketing speak. Let us help you separate your organization as an employer of choice with an engaging culture video!

What separates our Culture Videos from others?

At Stories Inc., we rely on a proven methodology to make your culture video stand out from the pack. Our production process focuses on making your culture video:


Our focus on storytelling makes your Culture Video incredibly engaging. The reason? Human brains are wired to activate much more when consuming stories than other types of information. The result is increased engagement and retention of the information.


Using stories in a Culture Video helps to establish authenticity. It’s very common to hear someone describe their company culture as being like a family, but without proof, the candidate has no reason to believe it’s true. We uncover stories that bring that evidence to the candidate.


In other culture videos out there, you’ll see a focus on ping pong tables and free snacks, but your culture goes much deeper than that. We tie the stories we uncover for Culture Videos to the more substantive aspects of your culture: your core values, mission, and vision.


  • Beautiful HD Video
  • Professional Lighting
  • High-Quality Audio
  • Post-Production
  • Graphics
  • Music

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